The experimentation of new tastes and particular ingredients, the search for unconventional working methods, have always been the most interesting part of my work.

Since I started with cooking classes I noticed how interested the participants are in these aspects.
So I decided to publish my experiments online.

But you can also find simple recipes for homemade preparation of gelato, with as few ingredients as possible and guides that can help those who didn’t take part in one of my cooking classes.

hazelnut gelato

A divine gelato that comes from the combination of the strong taste of toasted hazelnut and the tasty flavor of dark chocolate.

pistachio gelato

The most celebreted and appreciated of all gelato flavors: Pistachio.
In this creamy gelato you will discover the true taste of Sicilian pistachio, the most precious of nuts.

gelato makers

In this guide we will examine different types of gelato or ice cream makers to use in the freezing-churning step; in this phase the mixture is quickly cooled down to about -7 °C while it is kept in motion, so that small air bubbles are incorporated in gelato, essential for the right consistency.

pear sorbet with wisteria

A true fruit sorbet, without any dairy, with fresh pears.

In this vegan recipe with an incredible smooth texture, you can taste the true flavour of the pear that meets other ingredients like fresh edible flowers and balsamic vinegar.

lemon sorbet with nasturtium flowersFlowers and gelato: a great combination!
Of course if we are talking about edible flowers.

Recent research from different universities around the world has highlighted the remarkable antioxidant power of flowers which allows to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.

dark chocolate gelatoA luxurious, creamy gelato completely dairyfree but with a silky, smooth texture thanks to a special ingredient, the cocoa butter.
A true 100% vegan chocolate dessert you will fall in love with for sure...

vanilla egg custard gelatoA classic creamy gelato recipe with a rich body and smooth mouthfeel, enriched from the flavour of vanilla bean.

gelato equipmentTo prepare a good homemade gelato at home, there are specific steps to follow:choosing ingredients,creating a balanced recipe, preparation and maturation of the mixture, freezing of the mixture,hardening of gelato at low temperature.
Let's see them in detail.

balancing sheetAlthough there is no universal recipe for making a good gelato, there are rules of balancing the ingredients that allow us to have good results without wasting ingredients.
What I propose is a simplified balancing card for a home-made production, based on the one developed by gelato master Luca Caviezel for professional purpose.