The experimentation of new tastes and particular ingredients, the search for unconventional working methods, have always been the most interesting part of my work.

Since I started with cooking classes I noticed how interested the participants are in these aspects.

So I decided to publish my experiments online as well as a series of guides that can help those who didn’t take part in one of my cooking classes.

Although there is no universal recipe for making a good gelato, there are rules of balancing the ingredients that allow us to have good results without wasting ingredients.
What I propose is a simplified balancing card for a home-made production, based on the one developed by gelato master Luca Caviezel for professional purpose.

To prepare a good homemade gelato at home, there are specific steps to follow, namely:

  • choosing ingredients
  • creating a balanced recipe
  • preparation and maturation of the mixture
  • freezing of the mixture
  • hardening of gelato at low temperature.

Let's see them in detail.