hazelnut gelato

A divine gelato that comes from the combination of the strong taste of toasted hazelnut and the tasty flavor of dark chocolate.

dark chocolate gelatoA luxurious, creamy gelato completely dairyfree but with a silky, smooth texture thanks to a special ingredient, the cocoa butter.
A true 100% vegan chocolate dessert you will fall in love with for sure...

pistachio gelato

The most celebreted and appreciated of all gelato flavors: Pistachio.
In this creamy gelato you will discover the true taste of Sicilian pistachio, the most precious of nuts.

vanilla egg custard gelatoA classic creamy gelato recipe with a rich body and smooth mouthfeel, enriched from the flavour of vanilla bean.

pear sorbet with wisteria

A true fruit sorbet, without any dairy, with fresh pears.

In this vegan recipe with an incredible smooth texture, you can taste the true flavour of the pear that meets other ingredients like fresh edible flowers and balsamic vinegar.